Students and faculty can now request many of the CASC's services online. As different services are available to students and faculty, please find the appropriate tab above, or link in the text, to help us suit your needs.

Faculty members who plan to have their students take any of the CASC's career assessments as part of an assignment use the Assessment Request Form. Typically, these assessments will be administered in the CASC's office (2590 WSC); however, instructors may arrange for the some of the assessments (the SII and MBTI) to be administered in class. If this is the case, the instructor must schedule a computer lab for the assessment administration.

Faculty members requesting CASC tours, demonstrations of workshop materials, or a presentation of the CASC's online resources should use the Outreach Request Form. The form may also be used to designate times students may come to the CASC to complete assignments, if they are coming as a group.

To request these services, click on the respective link or tab, complete the information and click "Submit."  The information will automatically be transferred to the CASC database and the instructor will receive a confirmation of the assessment request.