Specialized Workshops

Specialized Workshops


Specialized workshops, taught by Dr. Lynne Bennion and tailored within the context of your class specifically, are designed to help students establish study habits, improve efficient learning, and facilitate collaboration.Process

If you would like to schedule a specialized workshop for your class or staff, please contact Dr. Lynne Bennion at Lynne_bennion@byu.edu, or at (801)-422-6937


  • Exam Autopsy. Students learn to analyze a previous test and make improvements for the next one.
  • Advanced Reading Strategies. Reading strategies comparable to those taught in Student Development 305 classes are applied and adapted to your specific class.
  • Advanced Stress Management. Dr. Bennion has 31 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist, and has extensive knowledge to approach individualized groups on the topic of test anxiety or daily stress management.