ASC Workshops


The ASC holds free, daily workshops in 2562 WSC on various topics, each designed to help students not only survive, but thrive. Here you'll find information on each of our seven workshops. To find a date and time that work for you, check out our online calendar



Listening and Note Taking

Do you find it hard to listen during lecture? Do your lecture notes help you prepare for a test? This workshop helps students learn effective ways to eliminate distractions and improve information intake. Along with listening skills, students also learn several effective note taking techniques (such as the Cornell Note Taking System). These techniques provide students with a base to improve their ability to take efficient notes that help them focus on key lecture information.
You can view and print out a summary of our workshop here .
For more information on listening skills, click here .
For information on note taking techniques, click here .
If you'd like to preview the workshop, try watching the video below.




Do you remember the name of that new person you met today? Do you seem to always forget everything you studied as soon as you get into the testing center? Then don't forget to come to the memory workshop. In this workshop, we will address the following topics:

  • Memory strategies
  • Lifestyle choices to enhance your memory
  • much more!

We will also address many ways to remember things for daily tasks and retrieve information for academic or professional needs. You can view and print out a summary of our workshop here .Do you want to remember names better?


Stress Management

Do you experience fear and anxiety about the future? Do you have loss of appetite, sleep problems, or trouble concentrating? While these symptoms may be normal, if you experience them over a long period of time and they interfere with your daily activities, you may be feeling high levels of stress. Come to this workshop to learn stress management techniques that could help you live a happier and healthier life.
You can print out a summary of our workshop here .

Test Preparation

Do you feel anxious about upcoming tests? Are you always cramming? Are your test scores getting you down? Come to our test preparation workshop and learn how to manage test anxiety, efficiently prepare for a test, and even learn a few tips about test taking.

  • You can print out a summary of our workshop here .
  • For a list of test taking strategies, click here .


Textbook Comprehension

If you have trouble reading and understanding textbooks, come to this workshop! We will teach you effective reading and studying skills so that you can successfully learn from your textbook.

  • The SQ4R reading method, and other techniques we teach, will make reading valuable, efficient, and satisfying. If possible, please bring a textbook.
  • You can print out a summary of our workshop here .
  • There are several methods of maximizing reading retention. To learn more about them, click here .
  • For textbook marking strategies, click here .

If you'd like an overview of the SQ4R method, try watching the short tutorial below.




Time Management

What's the most important thing to me? Is it important to keep a calendar? How can I develop goals? At the time management workshop, you can explore these questions and several simple adjustments to gain victory over your schedule!

  • You can print out a summary of our workshop here .
  • Check out an analysis of overcoming procrastination here .
  • Click here to download a weekly schedule that will make planning easier.


If you cannot make any of the workshop times, or if you would like us to present a topic to a larger group, you can schedule an appointment with us here .